Powerful Rental Resources


Powerful Rental Resources

  • Procure quality corporate tenants
    for your property. Vilandra deals with reputable companies from all over
    the world providing residential property owners with
    high caliber corporate tenants.

  • Achieve greater rental returns
    on your property. Vilandra’s optimized rental rates are designed to
    achieve premium returns for your home.

  • Looking for QUALITY tenants? We are totally committed to delivering the results you
    expect as a landlord: A high calibre tenant paying the
    best possible rent.

  • Secure your rental income. The first and only Rent Guarantee that pays your rent
    when your tenant defaults on rental payments!

  • Do you want to be sure of getting
    the right tenant for your property? Vilandra’s most advanced tenant screening service
    makes it possible.

  • How does 3 months’ rent
    UP FRONT sound? We have a strategy for success. Bank your next 3
    months' rent NOW – and every 3 months!


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Through an exclusive suite of high quality housing solutions, Vilandra Corporate Housing offers an incomparable level of service, attracting a global audience of qualified tenants.


Vilandra is committed to secure the highest rental income for our property owners. We devote all available resources into getting you the most suitable tenant, in the shortest time possible for the highest possible rent. We provide corporate housing, short, medium and long term leasing services, all secured by a Tenant Placement Guarantee. Owners have the option of including their property in any of these programs.


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Vilandra strives to offer service excellence and the greatest value to property owners for selecting us as your property management or leasing solution.

Here is a glimpse at some of our service levels, YOU decide the level of service you need:

Level 1: We Find the Tenant

More Details »
WE find the Tenant,
YOU show your property,
YOU screen and qualify the Tenant,
YOU write the lease,
YOU move the Tenant in,
YOU manage your property.


Level 2: We Find and Lease the Tenant

More Details »
WE find the Tenant,
WE show your property,
WE screen and qualify the Tenant,
WE write the lease,
WE move the Tenant in,
YOU manage your property.


Level 3: Full Service Property Management

More Details »
WE find the Tenant,
WE show your property,
WE screen and qualify the Tenant,
WE write the lease,
WE move the Tenant in,
WE manage your property.


“A sophisticated, intelligent and creative property rental service that provides the type of information prospective tenants would never normally see – it is a case of presenting and promoting your rental property as if it were our own to secure the highest rental income possible.”


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Let’s secure your rental income with a cash guarantee equal to 3 times your monthly rental income

The first and only rental guarantee that pays your rent when your tenant defaults on rental payments!

Enhanced benefits and protection designed for today’s Landlords:

  • The Guarantee is backed up and underwritten by a financial institution with an AA global claims paying ability rating, meaning that your security is as assured as cash in the bank.
  • The Guarantee protects you against unpaid rent, mid term cancellations, unpaid utility bills and damage to property caused by the tenant.
  • It is not insurance, therefore there is NO monthly premium, cost, fixed payments or broker fees.
  • Access to Cash: A demand made against the Guarantee pays out within 48 hours!
  • Hassle-free rental with more protection at NO cost to you.
  • It’s easy to apply and easy to claim.
  • Your tenant pays for the Guarantee. NO paper work or signatures required by the Owner.
  • And so much more…

Get the protection you need to secure your rental income

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How does 3 months’ rent UP FRONT sound? Guarantee your cash flow!

Transfer the risk of late or non-payment of rent to Vilandra Corporate Housing.

We have a strategy for success. Bring forward your investment plans, bank your next 3 months’ rent NOW – and every 3 months!


  • Guarantee your cash flow
    3 months’ rent upfront, every 3 months.
  • Peace of mind
    No more struggling to collect rent - forget about rent arrears.
  • Because sometimes you just can’t wait…
  • Fixed fee
    From 14.5% of annual rental income (no hidden costs).

So, register your interest in this product offering now, to avoid missing out on this amazing opportunity!

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Let’s help you to secure a quality verified tenant for your property

We use the most advanced risk measurement and resident scoring model to secure a qualified tenant for your property!

Enhanced benefits and protection designed for today’s Landlords:

  • Thorough tenant screening, vetting and reference checks at NO cost to you.
  • It significantly reduces the risk of tenants defaulting on rental payments.
  • Accurately predicts the probability of a tenant making rental payments on time.
  • Save you time by ensuring that an applicant’s rental ability matches your rental property.
  • No more wasted phone calls from renters that do not qualify, and no more unnecessary viewings.
  • It takes the guesswork out of placing quality tenants and provide you with peace of mind when it comes to choosing the right tenant.
  • With Vilandra you can now make smart rental decisions ensuring a hassle-free letting experience.
  • Fast, easy and convenient.

Protect your investment, secure a quality verified tenant for your property

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Let us tailor a solution designed just with your success in mind, whilst ensuring that your property is achieving the highest rent.

There’s no denying your property is your treasured asset. Instructing Vilandra to manage your property gives you peace of mind that both your property and tenant will be cared for with the utmost transparency, professionalism and integrity 24/7. It is absolute key to reaping maximum rental returns on your home.

Although some homeowners have the time and expertise to do this, CLICK HERE to view our list of important facts to consider in procuring a quality tenant

Vilandra looks after properties for buy-to-let investors, homeowners who are temporarily relocating, homeowners that live abroad, wealth and asset managers, expats and trust companies.

Our comprehensive Property Management service is designed to give you, the homeowner, peace of mind and relieve you of the commitment of being a full-time landlord whilst achieving a high rental income…

Is there anything more Vilandra can offer you?

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Would you like to reap premium rents in the shortest possible time?

Development along the coastline from Durban North to Sheffield Beach continues to drive growth in the area, with more businesses, high end schools and colleges being established. More and more people visiting the area for work and extended holidays, are shunning hotels in search of a home-from-home, hence the high demand for short term accommodation which is considered more “private” and has the perks of self catering.

Vilandra is responding to this need with short lets. A short let is a property which can be let from a few weeks to a few months (maximum six months). You can short let any type of property from a studio to a 10 bedroom house.

It makes business sense!


  • Premium rental returns – tenants are often willing to pay a premium for a fully furnished property on a short let basis.
  • Rent paid in advance – all rent is paid up front and includes bills, except telecommunication services.
  • Flexibility – if you are unsure of your plans (perhaps your property is on the market) and only want to rent for a short period, this allows you immense flexibility. Also, short lets can give you the ability to reap premium rents without having to make a long term commitment.
  • Choice - if you market your property on a short and long let basis you have the option to choose from multiple offers. Often potential tenants have sold their homes and are waiting for their new homes to be completed as the contractors are not on time to deliver.
  • High revenue – short lets enables you to let your property to bring in high revenue during void periods or whilst securing a long term tenant.
  • Efficiency - if you are going away on holiday or for business, letting your property on a short let basis can be a very efficient way of ensuring your home is occupied, as well as bringing in rental income at the same time (this is a great income generator).
  • Minimum void periods – your property can be continually marketed throughout the tenancy so the next tenant can occupy your property immediately. Short lets can also allow your property to bring in rental income during void periods or whilst securing a long term tenant.
  • Property Management – most short lets benefit from a dedicated Property Manager.
  • Corporate tenants – many large companies often use short lets for their employees as a more cost effective and comfortable alternative to staying in a hotel.

So why not let us short let your property for a great rental?

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Let’s bring your rental property to life. Don’t just rent your property, connect through Vilandra with high net worth corporate tenants.

Vilandra Corporate Housing, one of the most effective corporate service firms based on the Dolphin Coast, is fast attracting homeowners in the residential rental market due to our smart corporate syndication technology. Over 90% of the corporate rental market is reached with a click of a button on our smart syndication platform, allowing us access to:

  • A large selection of corporate tenants that’s willing to pay a premium for the right property and high levels of service.
  • High net worth tenants who are looking to rent prestigious properties in prime areas.
  • Both corporate and private tenants who are looking to rent professionally managed properties along the coastline from Durban North to Sheffield Beach.
  • International tenants who are willing to pay substantial premiums for serviced homes.

Vilandra works closely with corporate companies providing a bundled suite of high end property related services to both top executives and employees at all levels. We assist many companies who are looking to find properties for their employees - a service unmatched in the real estate industry.

Vilandra has a unique experience to offer. Our goal is to provide a first-class home comfort experience similar to a luxurious hotel. Also, we offer fully furnished or unfurnished properties and focuses on four key areas i.e. short, medium and long term lettings. Assistance with relocation is available on request.

See The Benefits

  • Wide variety of quality applicants – Vilandra deals with hundreds of reputable companies from all over the world providing a wide range of clientele, from individuals, business executives, corporate transferees, government and military officials, business and leisure travellers to professionals.
  • High rental value – companies are often willing to pay a premium for the right property, high levels of service, efficiency, professionalism, courtesy and peace of mind.
  • Quick and easy - With Vilandra’s smart syndication platform it’s finally easy to reach a global audience of high net worth corporate tenants to achieve premium rental returns on your property.

Now, homeowners, let’s find you a tenant that’s willing to pay a premium for your property and high levels of service.


So, register your interest in this service now, to avoid missing out on this amazing opportunity!

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Owning a rental property can be filled with many challenges. Selecting great tenants is critical to hassle-free rentals. Managing your property to increase your bottom line and handling tenant situations quickly to keep them happy (i.e. renewals) are equally important. To make your experience easier and more profitable we have created a series of valuable resources, information, brochures and documents to protect and guide you through the letting process.

Want more information?

Click the links below to unlock the secrets to successful property letting.

PDF Downloads

We've made it easy for you to get everything you need and more. So take advantage of the opportunity to download from our library of valuable resources, the secrets to successful property letting.


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Your Durban North, La Lucia, Umhlanga Rocks & Ballito Premier Corporate Housing Specialist

Thank you for visiting the Vilandra Corporate Housing website. Here you will find many resources to making the renting of your home easier and more efficient. If you have any questions along the way please feel free to get in touch.

We work with an assorted client base ranging from private property owners, family trusts and landlords to investors, developers and even large corporate companies. If you are thinking of renting your property, we have the experience to let any property from Durban North along the coastline to La Lucia, Umhlanga Rocks, Mount Edgecombe, Umdloti, La Mercy, Westbrook, Zimbali, Ballito and Sheffield Beach.

Renting your property can be very stressful. By working with Vilandra, we can help alleviate that stress and create a pleasurable experience by making the letting process easier, faster, safer and more convenient.

We are totally committed to delivering the results you expect as a property owner: A high calibre tenant paying the best possible rent. Your satisfaction and peace of mind is our top priority. Through open communication, transparency and honesty we will help you make the best informed real estate rental decisions while offering you an unmatched level of client service.

Let's get started! Schedule an appointment to find out how much rent your property could achieve!


Not only do we guarantee you quality tenants, but we're so confident in our screening process that we guarantee at least 6 months occupancy! If one of the tenants that we bring to you defaults or moves out before the 6 month mark, we'll refund any pro rata adjusted balance of the commission that was paid to us. Yes, we're that confident in our ability to provide you with reliable quality tenants.

For service and commitment, let us help you with renting your home.


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Get In Touch

We would love to hear from you. Please complete the contact form below and we will get back to you right away!

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Contact Us

Our goal is to help home owners with all of their rental and real estate needs.

We have the right people, tools and resources - our specialists are ready to help you from 8am to 8pm during business days, and from 9am to 6pm during weekends and bank holidays.

To contact us, simply call us or fill out the request. No matter what your question, suggestion, or comment, we value your feedback.

We look forward to hearing from you to see how we can assist you with your rental property requirements.

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Pencarrow Office Park, Ballito, 4420

Monday to Friday - from 8am to 8pm.
Saturday, Sunday, Bank Holidays - from 9am to 6pm

061 434 0293

079 440 2634

086 551 4901

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Vilandra is known for challenging tradition in every aspect of our industry. We are experts at cutting through the traditional time wasting Estate Agency methods to provide results quickly, and pride ourselves on getting you the best possible price, in the shortest possible time.

Having an empty property can be stressful, is expensive and costs you money every DAY! Each day saved by renting your property sooner is money in your pocket. Renting your property as quickly as possible allows you to make more money and get on with your life. Our strategy is to help you secure the right quality tenant for your property quickly.

See why everyone is switching to Vilandra


We accurately match a tenant’s needs and affordability to suitable rental properties. With Vilandra there are no more unnecessary viewings thus saving you time.


Access to corporate tenants that’s willing to pay a premium for your property and high levels of service.


You get a 6-month Tenant Placement Money Back Guarantee only at Vilandra.


Vilandra helps you fill your vacant property quickly (many within 7 days) thus saving you money.


Vilandra provides a personal tailor made one-on-one service to all clients.


We provide greater protection for landlords in the form of a unique Rental Guarantee.


Powerful property rental resources unmatched in the industry.


Fanatical customer service on the phone, email and 24/7 online.


Our high resident retention and occupancy rate testifies that we consistently:

  • Rent properties of the highest standard.
  • Place tenants of the highest calibre.
  • Keep our rental properties performing for the highest rental income potential.

So why wait? Let’s get the results you expect as a landlord: A high calibre tenant paying the best possible rent. Vilandra’s most advanced and reliable property rental solutions combined with the best-in-class personalized service make it possible.

Click here to complete the contact form or call us today to get started!

Important Property Management Facts To Consider In Procuring A Quality Tenant

Step 1: You partner with us and hand over your property details as well as your potential tenant information (or we can find the tenant).

Step 2: We fully reference and credit check them.

Step 3: Once the first month’s rent has been collected, we will advance you 3 MONTHS’ RENT! 3 months later, you get another 3 months’ rent upfront.


Going on holiday, travelling on business, working abroad?

These are all opportunities to earn extra income to help cover the fixed costs of your main residence during your absence.

Read more about short lets »


Do you want to travel or spend more time and energy on your career, your business or your family?

Vilandras’ property management service department releases you of constant concern and the grueling task of renting your property, and allows you to implement your projects under optimal conditions. Not only do we guarantee you quality tenants, but we provide professional reception services and impeccable maintenance.

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By reading our guide you will learn how to:

  • Secure your rental income with our unique Rental Guarantee.
  • Procure quality verified tenants faster with Vilandra’s most advanced tenant screening service.
  • Fill your vacant rentals within 7 days.
  • Procure quality corporate tenants that’s willing to pay a premium for your property and high levels of service.
  • Ensure that your rental properties perform at their highest rental income potential.

The FASTER, SAFER, more CONVENIENT way to let your property.

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